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  • 5630.2

Mechanism and treatment of experimental shock. I. Shock following hemorrhage.

Arch. Surg. (Chicago), 15, 762-98, 1927.

First of a series of papers in the Archives. See also No. 5630.3.

  • 5630.3

Experimental shock. The cause of the low blood pressure produced by muscle injury.

Arch. Surg. (Chicago), 20, 959-96, 1930.

Blalock “demonstrated that surgical shock is not due to the elaboration of toxins nor to reflex neurologic mechanisms, but … to decrease in circulating the blood volume” (M.M. Ravitch). He wrote many papers on the subject, principally experimental studies; Ravitch considered this paper from 1930 the most important (see Johns Hopk. med. J., 1977, 140, 57-67, for bibliography).

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Myasthenia gravis and tumors of the thymic region. Report of a case in which the tumor was removed.

Ann. Surg., 110, 544-61, 1939.

First deliberate treatment of myasthenia gravis by thymectomy, with M. F. Mason, H. J. Morgan, and S. S. Riven.

Subjects: NEUROLOGY › Myopathies, ONCOLOGY & CANCER, SURGERY: General , SURGERY: General › Surgical Oncology
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The surgical treatment of malformations of the heart in which there is pulmonary stenosis or pulmonary atresia.

J. Amer. med. Assoc., 128, 189-202, 1945.

The “Blalock-Taussig operation” for the relief of congenital defects of the pulmonary artery, Tetralogy of Fallot ("blue baby syndrome").

"The first surgical repair was carried out in 1944 at Johns Hopkins.[70] The procedure was conducted by surgeon Alfred Blalock and cardiologist Helen B. Taussig, with Vivien Thomas also providing substantial contributions and listed as an assistant.[3] This first surgery was depicted in the film Something the Lord Made.[59] It was actually Helen Taussig who convinced Alfred Blalock that the shunt was going to work. 15-month-old Eileen Saxon was the first person to receive a Blalock-Thomas-Taussig shunt.[59]" (Wikipedia article on Tetralogy of Fallot).

Subjects: CARDIOVASCULAR (Cardiac) SURGERY, GENETICS / HEREDITY › HEREDITARY / CONGENITAL DISEASES OR DISORDERS › Congenital Heart Defects, Pediatric Surgery, WOMEN, Publications by › Years 1900 - 1999
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The papers of Alfred Blalock. Edited by Mark Ravitch. 2 vols.

Baltimore, MD, 1966.

This massive (2026-page) work includes a biographical study of Blalock, his complete bibliography, and biographical sketches of co-authors of Blalock's publications.

Subjects: CARDIOVASCULAR (Cardiac) SURGERY, Collected Works: Opera Omnia, Pediatric Surgery