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LOUIS, Antoine

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Lettres sur la certitude des signes de la mort où l'on rassure les citoyens de la crainte d'être enterrés vivans ; avec des observations et des expériences sur les noyés.

Paris: Michel Lambert, 1752.

In this work in the pathophysiology of drowning, resuscitation and the legal diagnosis of death Louis sought to reassure the public that the risk of being buried alive was very low. He rejected a proposal for late burials (three days after the diagnosis of death) because of the risk of infection. He claimed that flaccid and soft character of the eyes is a characteristic, unmistakable sign of death, and that this occurred "in a few hours".  Louis also carried out many experiments to explain the mechanism of drowning. He demonstrated for the first time that water is introduced into the bronchi, and not into the stomach, during drownings. He also studied methods of resuscitation and warned of the dangers of pouring spirits into the mouth of an unconscious drowned person. At the end of his book Louis republished Winslow's thesis (No. 11407) on the uncertainty of the signs of death, with its French translation on the opposite pages.

Digital facsimile from BnF Gallica at this link.

Subjects: DEATH & DYING › Legal Death, Resuscitation
  • 1730

Mémoire sur une question anatomique relative à la jurisprudence; dans lequel on établit les principes pour distinguer, à l’inspection d’un corps trouvé pendu, les signes du suicide d’avec ceux de l’assassinat.

Paris: P. G. Cavelier, 1763.

Louis was a pioneer of French medical jurisprudence. Above is a classic discussion on the differential signs of murder and suicide in cases of hanging.

Subjects: DEATH & DYING › Suicide, Forensic Medicine (Legal Medicine)
  • 1731

Mémoire contre la légitimité des naissances prétendues tardives.

Paris: P. G. Cavelier, 1764.

An attempt to set the minimum and maximum time limits of duration of human pregnancy. Supplement published in 1764.

Subjects: Forensic Medicine (Legal Medicine), OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY › OBSTETRICS
  • 13435

Catalogue de la bibliothèque de feu M. Louis, Secrétaire perpétuel de l'Académie de chirurgie, &c. Dont la vente se fera dans une salle du Collège de chirurgie, rue des Cordeliers, le lundi 7 janvier 1793 & les jours suivans, trois heures de relevée.

Paris, 1793.

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