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GUDDEN, Bernhard Aloys von

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Experimentaluntersuchungen über das peripherische und centrale Nervensystem.

Arch. Psychiat. Nervenkr., 2, 693-723, 1870.

Modern study of the functions of the thalamus began with the important investigations of Gudden. He is remembered eponymically by “Gudden’s commissure” and “Gudden’s atrophy” – specific thalamic nuclei degenerate when certain areas of the cerebral cortex are destroyed. His collected works were published in 1889. He was drowned in a lake at Starnberg by his patient Ludwig II, the mad king of Bavaria.

Subjects: NEUROSCIENCE › NERVOUS SYSTEM › Brain, including Medulla: Cerebrospinal Fluid
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Ueber die Kreuzung der Fasern im Chiasma nervorum opticorum.

v. Graefes Arch. Ophthal., 20, 2 Abt., 249-68; 25, 1 Abt., 1-56, 18741879.

Important studies on the partial decussation of optic paths.

Subjects: OPHTHALMOLOGY › Physiology of Vision