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Viral RNA-dependent DNA polymerase: RNA-dependent DNA polymerase in virions of RNA tumour viruses.

Nature (Lond.), 226, 1209-11, 1970.

In 1970 Baltimore and Temin discovered that certain viruses that have their genes in the form of RNA can copy the RNA "backward" into DNA in infected cells. The enyzme, reverse transcriptase, enables the manufacture of specific proteins for use as medicines. Baltimore, who was the only author of this paper, shared the Nobel Prize with R. Dulbecco and H. M. Temin in 1975 for discoveries concerning the interaction between tumor viruses and the genetic material of the cell.

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Expression of animal virus genomes.

Bacteriological Reviews, 35, 235-241, 1971.

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Molecular cloning of poliovirus cDNA and determination of the complete nucleotide sequence of the viral genome.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 78 (8) 4887-4891., 1981.

The poliovirus genome. Digital facsimile from PNAS through PubMedCentral at this link.

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