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BENEDEN, Edouard Joseph Louis Marie van

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Le maturation de l’oeuf, la fécondation et les premières phases du développement embryonnaire des mammifères.

Bull Acad. roy. Sci. Belg., 2 sér., 40, 686-736, 1875.

First detailed description of the segmentation of the mammalian ovum.

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Contributions à l’histoire de la vésicule germinative et du premier noyau embryonnaire.

Bull. Acad. Roy. Sci. Belg., 2 sér., 41, 38-85, 1876.

Independently of Flemming, van Beneden discovered the centrosome.

Subjects: BIOLOGY › Cell Biology
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Récherches sur la maturation de l’oeuf, la fécondation et la division cellulaire.

Arch. de Biol., 4, 265-640, 1883.

This work extended Hertwig’s work on fertilization (No. 495) down to the level of chromosomes, which were clearly visible in Ascaris after the sperm and egg united.

Subjects: EMBRYOLOGY, PARASITOLOGY › Helminths › Parasitic Worms › Ascaris