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RECKLINGHAUSEN, Friedrich Daniel von

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Die Lymphgefässe und ihre Beziehung zum Bindegewebe.

Berlin: A. Hirschwald, 1862.

“Recklinghausen’s canals”, the lymph canaliculi.

Subjects: ANATOMY › 19th Century, Lymphatic System
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Ueber Eiter- und Bindegewebskörperchen.

Virchows Arch. path. Anat., 28, 157-97, 1863.

Recklinghausen described granular cells in the frog mesentery, later named “mast cells” by Ehrlich (No. 553.1).

Subjects: ANATOMY › Microscopic Anatomy (Histology), MICROBIOLOGY
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Ueber die multiplen Fibrome der Haut und ihre Beziehung zu den multiplen Neuromen

Berlin: August Hirschwald, 1882.

One of Virchow’s distinguished pupils, von Recklinghausen gave a classic description of neurofibromatosis, adding much to the knowledge of the condition, which later became known as “Recklinghausen’s disease”. The article first appeared as a contribution to the Virchow Festschrift, also published in 1882. See No. 4566.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, NEUROLOGY › Diseases of the Nervous System, NEUROLOGY › Diseases of the Nervous System › Neurofibromatosis
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Ueber Haemochromatose.

Berl. klin. Wschr., 26, 925, 1889.

Recklinghausen gave to hemochromatosis its present name.

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Die fibröse oder deformirende Ostitis, die Osteomalacie und die osteoplastische Carcinose in ihren gegenseitigen Beziehungen. In: Festschrift R. Virchow.

Berlin: G. Reimer, 1891.

Recklinghausen gave an important description of generalized osteitis fibrosa. His reference to the earlier case reported by Engel (see No. 4335) has led to this condition being sometimes referred to as “Engel–Recklinghausen disease” or “von Recklinghausen’s disease of bone”.

Subjects: ENDOCRINOLOGY, ORTHOPEDICS › Diseases of or Injuries to Bones, Joints & Skeleton