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PALADE, George Emil

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A small particulate component of the cytoplasm.

J. Biophys. Biochem. Cytol., 1, 59-68, 1955.

Palade (Nobel Prize 1974) first described the association of what were subsequently determined to ribosomes with membranes. He and Keith Porter subsequently named this structure the endoplasmic reticulum. Digital facsimile from PubMedCentral at this link.

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Glomerular permeability. I. Ferritin transfer across the normal glomerular capillary wall.

Journal of Experimental Medicine, 113, 47-66, 1961.

"The authors used ferritin as an electron dense tracer, such that they could visualize both the structure of the capillary wall and the pathways taken by the ferritin moelcules across the wall....This report confirmed that the basement memrane of the glomerular capillary wall efficiently retards the passage of large macromolecules, but the questions addressed in this report remain challenging more than half a century later" (Feehally et al, Landmark papers in nephrology [2013] 1.3 pp. 6-7).

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