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DAKIN, Henry Drysdale

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The oxidation of butyric acid by means of hydrogen peroxide with formation of acetone, aldehydes, and other products.

J. biol. Chem., 4, 77-89, 1908.

See No. 735.

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Comparative studies of the mode of oxidation of phenyl derivatives of fatty acids by the animal organism and by hydrogen peroxide.

J. biol. Chem. , 4, 419-35; 5, 173-85, 303-09; 6, 203-43, 1908, 1909.

Dakin’s oxidation theory.

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Oxidations and reductions in the animal body.

London: Longmans, 1912.

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On the use of certain antiseptic substances in the treatment of infected wounds.

Brit. med. J., 2, 318-20, 1915.

Eusol and chloramine-T.

“Dakin’s solution” was employed by Carrel (No. 5642) in the Carrel–Dakin method of irrigation of wounds.

Subjects: PHARMACOLOGY › PHARMACEUTICALS › Disinfectants, SURGERY: General › Antisepsis / Asepsis, SURGERY: General › Wound Healing
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Traitement abortif de l’infection des plaies.

Bull. Acad. Méd. (Paris), 3 sér., 74, 361-68, 1915.

Carrel–Dakin treatment of wounds. With J. Daufresne and M. Dumas.
Carrel & Dehelly expanded this into a monograph entitled Le traitement des plaies infectées. Paris: Masson et Cie, 1917. That was rapidly translated into English by Herbert Child as The treatment of infected wounds. With an introduction by Sir Anthony A. Bowlby. New York: Paul B. Hoeber, 1917. Digital facsimile of the English translation from Google Books at this link.

Subjects: SURGERY: General › Antisepsis / Asepsis, SURGERY: General › Wound Healing