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BLUMENBACH, Johann Friedrich

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De generis humani varietate nativa.

Göttingen: A. Vandenhoeck, 1775.

Blumenbach was the founder of anthropology. In this, his doctoral dissertation, he classified mankind into four races, based on selected combinations of head shape, skin color and hair form. In the second edition (1781) he found it necessary to expand this division into five races, but his famous terms “Caucasian, Mongolian, Ethiopian, American, and Malayan” were not used until the third edition of 1795. English translation in Blumenbach, The anthropological treatises…, translated by T. Bendyshe, London, 1865.

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Ueber den Bildungstrieb und das Zeugungsgeschäft.

Göttingen: J. C. Dieterich, 1781.

Blumenbach, Professor of Medicine at Göttingen, was the founder of modern anthropology. In the above work he rejected the “preformation” theory and advanced the theory of epigenesis as the true explanation of the phenomenon of embryological development. English translation, London, [1792?].

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Medicinische Bibliothek. 3 vols.

Göttingen: J. C. Dieterich, 17831795.

Includes detailed abstracts of periodical literature.

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Introductio in historiam medicinae litterarium.

Gottingen: J. C. Dieterich, 1786.

An annotated subject bibliography of the history of medicine, arranged chronologically from antiquity to Blumenbach’s time.

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Beyträge zur Naturgeschichte. 2 pts.

Göttingen, 17901811.

English translation, London, 1865.

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Decas collectionis suae craniorum diversarum gentium illustrata. 6 parts plus supplement.

Gottingen: J. C. Dieterich, 17901828.

Blumenbach was the founder of craniology, and his craniological collection served as the principal foundation for his investigations into the natural history of mankind. He used the norma verticalis, the shape of the skull as seen from above, as the means of distinguishing three types: Mongols, Negroes, and Caucasians. The above work includes a description of the uncinate (“Blumenbach’s”) process. See No. 156.

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Handbuch der vergleichenden Anatomie.

Göttingen: H. Dieterich, 1805.

Blumenbach, physiologist and anthropologist, was Professor of Medicine at Göttingen. He was the first to show the value of comparative anatomy in the study of anthropology; his classic text went through many editions; it was translated into English in 1807.

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Verzeichniss der vom weil. Obermedicinalrath Blumbach nachgelassen Bucher. . . .

Gottingen, 1840.

Catalogue of the library of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, prepared for its sale at auction. Books were listed for sale individually, organized by size. Author and title and place published were listed, as were the number of pages, and whether or not there were plates; date of publication was not mentioned, however. Digital facsimile from at this link.

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Johann Friedrich Blumenbach: Bibliographie seiner Schriften. By Claudia Kroke and Wolfgang Böker.

Göttingen: Universitätsverlag Göttingen, 2010.

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