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OPIZO, Johannes Baptista (Giovanni Baptista Oppizoni)

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Librorum pars prima [-quinta] … 5 vols.

Venice: in aedibus Aldi et Andreae Asulani Soceri, 1525.

Greek editio princeps of Galen's complete works in Greek, edited by the Paduan professor G. B. Oppizzoni [Opizo] with the help of John Clement , Edward Wotton, William Rose (ca. 1490-1525), and Thomas Lupset, all Engishmen and followers of Thomas Linacre, and the Saxon Georg Agricola of De re metallica fame. The work was published by Andrea Torresano, a printer who operated the Aldine press for Aldus's sons, who were then too young to run the press.

A Greek physician working in Rome, Galen's many writings in Greek dominated Byzantine, Arabic, medieval and even Renaissance medicine for over a millenium, being superseded in anatomy only with Vesalius, in physiology with Harvey, and in pathology with Boerhaave. The surviving writings of Galen also represent 25% of all that remains of ancient Greek literature.

Issuing this set in one year must have been an absolutely immense challenge for the publisher. The first volume was devoted to Galen's writings on physiology and anatomy, the second to pharmacology, the third to diagnostic, prognostic and "internistic" treatises, the fourth to therapy and hygiene, and the fifth to comments on Hippocratic texts.  For more information see at this link.

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