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An account of the sore throat attended with ulcers.

London: C. Davis, 1748.

First authoritative account of both diphtheria and scarlatinal angina, although failing to differentiate between the two conditions. Reprinted in Med. Classics, 1940, 5, 58-99.

Subjects: INFECTIOUS DISEASE › Diphtheria, INFECTIOUS DISEASE › Scarlet Fever
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Of a painful affection of the face.

Med. Obs. Inqu., London, 5, 129-42, 1776.

Original description of facial neuralgia. Reprinted in Med. Classics, 1940, 5, 100-06.

Subjects: NEUROLOGY › Chronic Pain › Trigeminal Neuralgia, NEUROLOGY › Diseases of the Nervous System, PAIN / Pain Management
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Observations on disorders to which painters in water colours are exposed.

Medical Observations & Inquiries, 5, 394-405, 1776.

Concerning lead poisoning from artists' paints.

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Case of an angina pectoris, with remarks. Farther account of the angina pectoris.

Med. Obs. Inqu., 5, 233-251; 252-258, 1776.

Fothergill was "the first physician to suspect on clinical grounds that the heart might be affected in this condition [angina pectoris] and he was the first to record abnormalities of the myocardium and coronary arteries of patients who died suddenly with this disease.... [Fothergill's second paper] contains the first description of calcification of the coronary arteries in a patient suffering from angina pectoris" (Christopher Booth, "Dr. John Fothergill and the agina pectoris," Medical History 1 (1957) 115-122.

Subjects: CARDIOLOGY › CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE › Coronary Artery Disease › Angina Pectoris
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Remarks on that complaint commonly known under the name of the sick head-ach.

Med. Obs. & Inqu., London, 6, 103-37, 17771784.

First accurate description of migraine.

Subjects: NEUROLOGY › Chronic Pain › Headache › Migraine
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A complete collection of the medical and philosophical works of John Fothergill. With an account of his life; and occasional notes, by John Elliot.

London: John Walker, 1781.

Digital facsimile from Google Books at this link.

Subjects: BIOGRAPHY (Reference Works) › Biographies of Individuals, CARDIOLOGY › CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE › Coronary Artery Disease › Angina Pectoris, Collected Works: Opera Omnia, NEUROLOGY › Chronic Pain, NEUROLOGY › Chronic Pain › Headache › Migraine, NEUROLOGY › Chronic Pain › Trigeminal Neuralgia
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A catalogue of the entire and valuable library of John Fothergill...Containing a fine collection of books in physick, natural history and classics; aslo some good prints, and an elegant collection of drawings in natural history, by some of the most approved masters.

London: Leigh and Sotheby, 1781.

Digital facsimile from at this link.

Subjects: BIBLIOGRAPHY › Catalogues of Physicians' / Scientists' Libraries
  • 1774

Observations on the weather and diseases of London. In his Works, 1, 145-240

London, 1783.

Subjects: Bioclimatology, COUNTRIES, CONTINENTS AND REGIONS › England (United Kingdom)