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JONSTON, John [Jan]

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Thaumatographia naturalis, in decem classes distincta, in quibus admiranda 1 Coeli. 2 Elementorum. 3 Meteororum. 4 Fossilium. 5 Plantarum. 6 Avium. 7 Quadrupedum. 8 Exanguium. 9 Piscium. 10 Hominis.

Amsterdam: Guilielmum Blaeu, 1632.

A unillustrated pocket guide, issued in duodecimo format on "admiranda" or wonders of nature organized in ten categories (heaven, earth, and topics relating to meteors, fossils or minerals, plants, birds, quadrupeds, insects and bloodless animals, fish, and humans). The work draws heavily from classical sources such as Aristotle, Pliny, and Seneca, but also from the more recent work of Aldrovandi, and the section on plants includes descriptions of the flora and fauna of the New World, as well as tobacco. Each section is headed by an index to its contents. Jonston, born in Scotland, was raised and educated in Poland, and spent most of his life on the Continent of Europe. Digital facsimile from Google Books at this link.

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Historia naturalis. 6 vols: Historiae naturalis de quadrupedibus; Historiae naturalis de avibus; Historiae naturalis de piscibus et cetis; Historiae naturalis de exanguibus aquaticis; Historiae naturalis de insectis, de serpentibus et draconbius; Historiae naturalis de serpentibus.

Frankfurt: Matthias Merian, 16501653.

The first 5 volumes were published in 1650; the last volume was published in 1653. This work, published in small folio format, includes 249 engraved plates and six elegant engraved title pages (4 resembling frontispieces, engraved by engraver and publisher Matthias Merian).

Subjects: NATURAL HISTORY, ZOOLOGY, ZOOLOGY › Arthropoda › Entomology, ZOOLOGY › Herpetology, ZOOLOGY › Ichthyology, ZOOLOGY › Ornithology
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Historiae naturalis de quadrupetibus libri: Cum aeneis figuris; [Historiae naturalis de serpentibus libri II; Historiae naturalis de insectis libri III; Historiae naturalis de exanguibus aquaticis libri IV; Historiae naturalis de piscibus et cetis libri V; Historiae naturalis de avibus libri VI].

Frankfurt am Main: Mathias Merian, 16501653.

This work, which was a major expansion and reworking of material that Jonston originally outlined in his Thaumatographia naturalis (1632), was both illustrated and published by Matthäus Merian. Digital facsimile from Biodiversity Heritage Library at this link.