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YOUNG, John Zachary

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The structure of nerve fibres in cephalopods and crustacea.

Proc. roy. Soc. B, 121, 319-37, 1936.

Young’s discovery of the giant nerve fibers of the squid (squid giant axonLoglio forbesi made possible the study of the electrical phenomena of the nervous impulse in the interior as well as on the surface of a nerve fiber. It led to the work of Hodgkin and Huxley (No. 1310.1).

Subjects: ANATOMY › Neuroanatomy › Comparative Neuroanatomy, NEUROSCIENCE › NERVOUS SYSTEM › Peripheral Nerves / Nerve Impulses
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Fused neurons and synaptic contacts in the giant nerve fibers of cephalopods.

Phil. Trans. 229, 465-503., London, 1939.

Young discovered the squid giant synapse, a chemical synapse found in squid, and the largest chemical junction in nature.

Subjects: NEUROSCIENCE › Neurophysiology, PHYSIOLOGY › Comparative Physiology
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The anatomy of the nervous system of Octopus vulgaris.

Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1971.

Subjects: ANATOMY › Neuroanatomy › Comparative Neuroanatomy, BIOLOGY › Marine Biology, ZOOLOGY › Malacology