An Interactive Annotated World Bibliography of Printed and Digital Works in the History of Medicine and the Life Sciences from Circa 2000 BCE to 2022 by Fielding H. Garrison (1870-1935), Leslie T. Morton (1907-2004), and Jeremy M. Norman (1945- ) Traditionally Known as “Garrison-Morton”

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The world of pharmacy and pharmacists in Mamlūk Cairo.

Leiden: Brill, 2009.

"...the first detailed analysis of an immensely popular 13th c. Arabic guide for pharmacists, from a time in which Jewish physicians and pharmacists worked alongside Muslim and Christian practioners. Minhāj al-dukkān ("How to manage a pharmacy"), by Abū ʾl-Munā al-Kūhīn al-ʿAṭṭār (fl. 1260) is the first attempt to explore the full spectrum of pharmacy in the medieval Arabic world: identification of the materia medica and methods of preparation; pharmacy's place within the sciences and particularly its relationship with medicine; the social position of the pharmacist and his role in the marketplace and the hospital; the economics of pharmacy; legal aspects of pharmacy; and the image of the pharmacist in literature and drama." 

Subjects: ANCIENT MEDICINE › Egypt › History of Ancient Medicine in Egypt, ISLAMIC OR ARAB MEDICINE › History of Islamic or Arab Medicine, MEDIEVAL MEDICINE › History of Medieval Medicine, PHARMACOLOGY › PHARMACY › History of Pharmacy
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Medical prescriptions in the Cambridge Genizah Collections: Practical medicine and pharmacology in medieval Egypt. Cambridge Genizah Studies Series, Volume 4.

Leiden & Boston: Brill, 2012.

Subjects: COUNTRIES, CONTINENTS AND REGIONS › Egypt, Jews and Medicine › History of Jews and Medicine, MEDIEVAL MEDICINE › History of Medieval Medicine, PHARMACOLOGY › History of Pharmacology & Pharmaceuticals, RELIGION & Medicine & the Life Sciences