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Leonardo da Vinci: Codice sul volo degli uccelli e varie altre materie. Pubblicato da Teodoro Sabachnikoff. Transcrizione e note di Giovanni Piumati; traduzione francese di Carlo Ravaisson-Mollien.

Paris: Edoardo Rouveyre, 1893.

The scientific study of the mechanics of flight begins with Leonardo’s investigations on birds, undertaken during his attempts to build a flying machine. At the time of publication Sabachnikoff owned the manuscript. After publishing this facsimile he donated the original to Umberto I, who turned it over to the Royal Library of Torino. Digital facsimile from the Internet Archive at this link.

Subjects: ART & Medicine & Biology, Biomechanics, ZOOLOGY › Ornithology
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I manoscritti de Leonardo da Vinci della Reale Biblioteca di Windsor. Pubblicata da Teodoro Sabachnikoff. Transcritti e annotati da Giovanni Piumati. 2 vols.

Paris: E. Rouveyre, 18981901.

Includes folios A & B of his anatomical MSS. Text in French and Italian.

Subjects: ANATOMY › 16th Century, ANATOMY › Anatomical Illustration, ART & Medicine & Biology
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Leonardo da Vinci: Quaderni d’anatomia I-VI. Fogli della Royal Library di Windsor, pubblicati da Ove C.L. Vangensten, A. Fonahn, H. Hopstock. 6 vols.

Oslo, Norway: J. Dybwad, 19111916.

Leonardo, “the greatest artist and scientist of the Italian Renaissance, was the founder of iconographic and physiologic anatomy” (Garrison). He made over 750 sketches of all the principal organs of the body, drawings which were adequately reproduced only in recent times. His notes accompanying the drawings are in mirror-writing. Text in Italian, English, and German.

For more about Leonardo's anatomical work see a short essay I wrote on at this link.

Subjects: ANATOMY › 16th Century, ANATOMY › Anatomical Illustration, ANATOMY › Medieval Anatomy (6th to 15th Centuries), ART & Medicine & Biology, Renaissance Medicine
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The notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci. Arranged, rendered into English and introduced by Edward MacCurdy. 2 vols.

London: Cape, 1938.

2nd edition, 1956 (reprinted London, Cape, 1977).

Subjects: ART & Medicine & Biology
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Leonardo da Vinci on the human body. The anatomical, physiological, and embryological drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. With translations, emendations, and biographical introduction by Charles D. O'Malley and J. B. de C. M. Saunders.

New York: Henry Schuman, 1952.

Includes 215 plates.

Subjects: ANATOMY, ANATOMY › 16th Century, ANATOMY › Anatomical Illustration, ART & Medicine & Biology, EMBRYOLOGY, PHYSIOLOGY, Renaissance Medicine
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Corpus of the anatomical studies in the collection…at Windsor Castle. Edited by K.D. Keele and C. Pedretti. 3 vols.

New York: Johnson Reprint Corporation, 1980.

Splendid edition reproducing all of the drawings in color, and with the original chronology and integrity of the drawings restored. Text provides transliteration of Leonardo’s notes in the original Italian plus English translation, commentary, etc. Combines material previously published less elegantly and accurately in Nos. 364 & 365. For a scientific analysis of Leonardo’s medical writings see K.D. Keele’s Leonardo da Vinci’s elements of the science of man, New York, Academic Press, 1983. For Leonardo’s contributions to neuroanatomy see E.M. Todd, The neuroanatomy of Leonardo da Vinci, Santa Barbara, Capra Press, [1983]. For his work on vision see D.S. Strong, Leonardo on the eye, An English translation and critical commentary on Ms. D. in the Bibliothèque Nationale… New York, Garland, 1979.

For more information on Leonardo's anatomical work see a short essay that I wrote on at this link.

Subjects: ANATOMY › 16th Century, ANATOMY › Anatomical Illustration, ANATOMY › Medieval Anatomy (6th to 15th Centuries), ANATOMY › Neuroanatomy, ART & Medicine & Biology, Renaissance Medicine
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Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical world: Language, context and "disegno". Edited by Alessandro Nova and Domenico Laurenza.

Padua: Marsilio Publishers, 2011.

Subjects: ANATOMY › Anatomy for Artists, ART & Medicine & Biology
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Sir William Osler's Leonardo da Vinci collection: Flight, anatomy and art.

Montréal: [Privately Printed], 2019.

Subjects: ANATOMY › 16th Century, ART & Medicine & Biology