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SMITH, Lloyd M.

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Fluorescence detection in automated DNA sequence analysis.

Nature, 231, 674-679, 1986.

Invention of the first semi-automated DNA sequencing machine by Leroy H. Hood, Lloyd M. Smith and colleagues.
Abstract of the paper:
"We have developed a method for the partial automation of DNA sequence analysis. Fluorescence detection of the DNA fragments is accomplished by means of a fluorophore covalently attached to the oligonucleotide primer used in enzymatic DNA sequence analysis. A different coloured fluorophore is used for each of the reactions specific for the bases A, C, G and T. The reaction mixtures are combined and co-electrophoresed down a single polyacrylamide gel tube, the separated fluorescent bands of DNA are detected near the bottom of the tube, and the sequence information is acquired directly by computer."
With Jane Z. Sanders, Robert J. Kaiser, Peter Hughes, Chris Dodd, Charles R. connell, Cheryl Heiner, and Stephen B. H. Kent.

Subjects: BIOLOGY › MOLECULAR BIOLOGY › Genomics, Biotechnology