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FLOURENS, Marie Jean Pierre

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Recherches physiques sur les propriétés et les fonctions du système nerveux dans les animaux vertébrés.

Arch. gén. Med., 2, 321-70, 1823.

Flourens removed the cerebrum and cerebellum in pigeons, showing maintenance of reflexes with loss of cerebration in the former case and disturbance of equilibrium in the latter case. Thus he demonstrated that the cerebrum is the organ of thought and the cerebellum the organ controlling the co-ordination of body movements and of will-power. See Nos. 1388 & 1493. Digital facsimile from Google Books at this link.

Subjects: NEUROSCIENCE › NERVOUS SYSTEM › Brain, including Medulla: Cerebrospinal Fluid
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Recherches expérimentales sur les propriétés et les fonctions du système nerveux, dans les animaux vertébrés.

Paris: Crevot, 1824.

Experimental proof that vision depends on the integrity of the cerebral cortex. See No. 1391 for his first paper on the subject. Partial English translation in von Bonin, Some papers on the cerebral cortex, Springfield: Charles C Thomas, 1960.

Subjects: Neurophysiology, OPHTHALMOLOGY › Physiology of Vision
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Expériences sur les canaux semi-circulaires de l’oreille chez les oiseaux.

Ann. sci. nat., 15, 113-24, 1828.

Flourens showed that lesion of the semicircular canals produces motor incoordination and loss of equilibrium. Menière based his work (No. 3372) on Flourens’s crucial experiments.

Subjects: OTOLOGY › Physiology of Hearing
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Note touchant l’action de l’ether sur les centres nerveux.

C. R. Acad. Sci. (Paris), 24, 340-44, 1847.

On 8 March 1847, Flourens announced that chloroform had an anesthetic effect analogous to that of ether. Little notice seems to have been taken of his paper, but later in the year Simpson independently demonstrated the value of chloroform.

Subjects: ANESTHESIA › Chloroform, ANESTHESIA › Ether
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Histoire de la découverte de la circulation du sang.

Paris: J.-B. Baillière, 1854.

Digital facsimile from the Hathi Trust at this link. Revised edition, 1857, of which a digital facsimile is also available from the Hathi Trust at this link.  Translated into English by J. C. Reeve as A history of the discovery of the circulation of the blood, Cincinnati, 1859. Digital facsimile of the 1859 edition from the Hathi Trust at this link.

Subjects: CARDIOLOGY › History of Cardiology, PHYSIOLOGY › History of Physiology