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KAPOSI, Moritz Kohn

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Diseases of the skin, including the exanthemata by Ferdinand Hebra. Vol. 1: Translated and edited by C. Hilton Fagge. Vol. 2: Tr. and ed. by C. Hilton Fagge and P. H. Pye-Smith. Vols. 3-5 are by Ferdinand Hebra and Moritz Kaposi, tr. and ed. by Waren Tay. 5 vols.

London: New Sydenham Society, 18661880.

Digital facsimile of vol. 1 from the Hathi Trust at this link.

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Idiopathisches multiples Pigmentsarkom der Haut.

Arch. Derm. Syph. (Prag.), 4, 265-73, 1872.

First description of “Kaposi’s sarcoma” – multiple idiopathic hemorrhagic sarcoma. English translation in CA, 1982, 32, 342-47.

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Pathologie und Therapie der Hautkrankheiten.

Vienna & Leipzig: Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1880.

 English translation by J. C. Johnston in 1895.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY, DERMATOLOGY › Dermatopathology
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Xeroderma pigmentosum.

Med. Jb. 619-33, 1882.

Excellent pathological study of this condition (“Kaposi’s disease”), which he first described in Virchow’s Handbuch der speziellen Pathologie und Therapie, 1876, 2, 182.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, PATHOLOGY
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Ueber eine neue Form von Hautkrankheit, “Lymphodermia perniciosa”.

Med. Jb.129-47, 1885.

First description of lymphoderma perniciosa, premycotic or leukemic erythrodermia.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
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Lichen ruber monileformis – Korallen schnurartiger Lichen ruber.

Vjschr. Derm., 13, 571-82, 1886.

Kaposi is credited with the first description of this condition, sometimes called “Kaposi’s disease”, and probably a rare variety of lichen planus.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
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Impetigo herpetiformis.

Vjschr. Derm. 14, 273-96, 1887.

Although not the first to describe this condition, Kaposi established its status.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
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Lichen ruber acuminatus und Lichen ruber planus.

Arch. Derm. Syph. (Wien), 31, 1-32, 1895.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
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Handatlas der Hautkrankheiten fur Studirende und Arzte. 3 pts.

Vienna & Berlin: W. Braumüller, 18981900.

An extensive and valuable collection of illustrations in dermatology. Includes 377 chromolithographs.

"In publishing this hand atlas of skin diseases, I wish to provide students with an aid to their studies and general practitioners with a means of comparison and verification when diagnosing skin diseases... The hand atlas not only has to contain all common and unusual forms of diseases, it must also show all of the modifications they can assume according to their site, extensiveness, and phase of development or regression. Our dermatology clinic here at Vienna University has a collection of teaching aids, consisting of coloured original water-colour paintings commissioned by Ferdinand Hebra. These paintings now number almost 1000. Most of them are the masterly work of Elfinger and Karl Heitzmann..." (Quoted by Ehring, Skin Diseases: 5 Centuries of Scientific Illustration [1989] p. 180).