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On the time-relations of the excitatory process in the ventricle of the heart of the frog.

J. Physiol. (Lond.), 2, 384-435, 18791880.

These workers were among the first to study the action currents of the heart, and made the first records (with the capillary electrometer) of the minute electrical current produced by the beating of the heart. See also No. 831.

Subjects: CARDIOLOGY › CARDIOVASCULAR PHYSIOLOGY › Cardiac Electrophysiology, INSTRUMENTS & TECHNOLOGIES › Medical Instruments
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On the electrical phemomena of the excitatory process in the heart of the frog and of the tortoise, as investigated photographically.

J. Physiol. (Lond.), 4, 327-38, 18831884.

See No. 824. This paper contains several tracings of the heart's electrical activity recorded with a capillary electrometer, the earliest graphic recorder of bioelectric signals. These were the "first undistorted tracings of the electrical activity of the heart" (Burch & Depasquale, A history of electrocardiography, 1990, 102).

Subjects: CARDIOLOGY › CARDIOVASCULAR PHYSIOLOGY › Cardiac Electrophysiology, IMAGING › Photography / Photomicrography
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Photographic determination of the time-relations of the changes which take place in muscle during the period of so-called ‘latent stimulation.’

Proc. roy, Soc. (Lond.), 48, 14-19, 1890.

Measurement by means of photography, of the speed of the nervous impulse.

Subjects: IMAGING › Photography / Photomicrography , NEUROSCIENCE › NERVOUS SYSTEM › Peripheral Nerves / Nerve Impulses
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The collected papers of Sir W. Bowman. Edited by J. Burdon-Sanderson and J. W. Hulke. 2 vols.

London: Harrison & Sons, 1892.

Digital facsimile from Google Books at this link.

Subjects: ANATOMY › 19th Century, Collected Works: Opera Omnia, OPHTHALMOLOGY › Anatomy of the Eye & Orbit, OPHTHALMOLOGY › Ocular Surgery & Procedures › Cataract