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HUTCHINSON, Sir Jonathan

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Report on the effects of infantile syphilis in marring the development of the teeth.

Trans path. Soc. Lond., 9, 449-55, 1858.

Hutchinson of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, is memorable for his original description of the notched incisors (“Hutchinson’s teeth”) in congenital syphilis. His name is also associated with “Hutchinson’s triad” (interstitial keratitis, notched incisors and labyrinthine disease) in congenital syphilis.

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A successful case of abdominal section for intussusception.

Med.-chir. Trans., 57, 31-75, 1874.

In 1871 Hutchinson was the first successfully to operate on a case of intussusception in a two year-old infant. Preliminary account in Med. chir. Trans., 1876, 41 (2nd ser.), 99-102.

Subjects: GASTROENTEROLOGY › Esophagus: Stomach: Duodenum: Intestines, Pediatric Surgery
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Illustrations of clinical surgery. 2 vols.

London: John Churchill, 18751888.

Vol. 1 pp. 49-52: Hutchinson’s classic description of cheiropompholyx, dysidrosis (“Hutchinson’s disease”). The first description and illustration of sarcoidosis is on p. 42.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, Illustration, Biomedical, NEUROLOGY › Neuropathology
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Summer prurigo, prurigo aestivalis, seu prurigo adolescentium, seu acne-prurigo.

Med. Times Gaz., 1, 161-63, 1878.

Hutchinson’s summer prurigo.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
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Lectures on clinical surgery. Pt. 2.

London: J. & A. Churchill, 1879.

On p. 298 is the first description of hydradenitis destruens suppurativa, later named “Pollitzer’s disease” from the latter’s important description of it in J. cutan. gen.-urin. Dis., 1892, 10, 9-24.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
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On gangrenous eruptions in connection with vaccination and chickenpox.

Med.-chir. Trans., 65, 1-12, 1882.

Original description of varicella gangrenosa.

Subjects: INFECTIOUS DISEASE › Chickenpox
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Congenital absence of hair and mammary glands with atrophic condition of the skin and its appendages in a boy whose mother had been almost wholly bald from alopecia areata from the age of six.

Med.-chir. Trans., 69, 473-77, 1886.

First description of progeria.

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A rare form of lupus (marginatus).

Arch. Surg. (Lond.), 1, Plates 13-14, 18891890.

“Hilliard’s lupus”. Hutchinson made an innovation in terminology when he named the disease after the patient instead of the physician describing it. The Archives, which ran to 11 volumes, were written entirely by Hutchinson. See also Polyclinic, 1900, 2, 104-09, for a fuller description of this patient.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
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Infective angeioma or naevus-lupus.

Arch. Surg. (Lond.), 3, 166-68, 18911892.

Angioma serpiginosum.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
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The New Sydenham Society: Retrospective memoranda by Jonathan Hutchinson. Subject index and index of names compiled by Charles R. Hewitt.

London: H. K. Lewis, 1911.

Digital facsimile from the Internet Archive at this link.

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