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WILKS, Sir Samuel

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Cases of a peculiar enlargement of the lymphatic glands frequently associated with disease of the spleen.

Guy’s Hosp. Rep., ser., 2, 114-32; 3 ser., 11, 56-67., 1856, 1865.

Wilks really put Hodgkin’s disease “on the map”; the second paper for the first time attached Hodgkin’s name to the disease

Subjects: ONCOLOGY & CANCER › Lymphoma, Spleen: Lymphatics
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A peculiar atrophy of the skin (Lineae atrophicae).

Guy’s Hosp. Rep. 3 ser., 7, 197-301, 1861.

First description of lineae atrophicae.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
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Disease of the skin produced by post mortem examinations, or verruca necrogenica.

Guy’s Hosp. Rep. 3 ser., 8, 263-65, 1862.

Description of dissecting-room warts (verrucae necrogenicae),tuberculosis verrucosa cutis (also known as Lupus verrucosus, Prosector's wart, and "Warty tuberculosis"[ the cutaneous tuberculosis of Laennec, sometimes called “Wilks’s disease”.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, INFECTIOUS DISEASE › Tuberculosis
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On the syphilitic affections of internal organs.

Guy’s Hosp. Rep., 24, 1-63, 1863.

Wilks’s outstanding work was on visceral syphilis, a subject which he was one of the first to study.

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Drunkard’s or alcoholic paraplegia.

Med. Times Gaz., 2, 470, 1868.

Classic account of alcoholic paraplegia.

Subjects: NEUROLOGY › Diseases of the Nervous System, TOXICOLOGY › Drug Addiction, TOXICOLOGY › Drug Addiction › Alcoholism
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Case of osteoporosis, or spongy hypertrophy of the bones (calvaria, clavicle, os femoris, and rib).

Trans. path. Soc. Lond., 20, 273-77, 18681869.

A classic account of osteitis deformans. Wilks was associated with Guy’s Hospital all his life. A kindly, charming man, he was described by Osler as one of the handsomest men in London in his time, even until the age of 70.

Subjects: ORTHOPEDICS › Diseases of or Injuries to Bones, Joints & Skeleton
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On markings of furrows on the nails as the result of illness.

Lancet, 1, 5-6, 1869.

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Capillary embolism or arterial pyaemia.

Guy’s Hosp. Rep. 3 sér., 15, 29-35, 1870.

One of the first accounts of bacterial endocarditis was given by Wilks, who, in his classic paper on the subject, called the condition “arterial pyaemia.” Reprinted in Willius & Keys, Cardiac classics, 1941, pp. 579-84.

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On cerebritis, hysteria, and bulbar paralysis, as illustrative of arrest of function of the cerebro-spinal centres.

Guy’s Hosp. Rep., 3 ser., 22, 7-55, 1877.

The case of “bulbar paralysis” (pp. 45-55) is believed to be the first definite record of myasthenia gravis.

Subjects: NEUROLOGY › Myopathies
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A biographical history of Guy's Hospital.

London: Ward, Lock. Bowden & Co., 1892.

Digital facsimile from the Internet Archive at this link.

Subjects: BIOGRAPHY (Reference Works), HOSPITALS › History of Hospitals