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COLLIP, James Bertram

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Pancreatic extracts in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

Canad. med. Ass. J., 12, 141-46, 1922.

The first clinical application of insulin in the treatment of diabetes. Co-authored by W. R. Campbell, and A. A. Fletcher. Digital facsimile from PubMedCentral at this link.

Subjects: Metabolism & Metabolic Disorders › Diabetes
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The original method as used for the isolation of insulin in semipure form for the treatment of the first clinical cases.

J. biol. Chem., 55, xl-xli, 1923.

Collip improved insulin.

Subjects: Metabolism & Metabolic Disorders › Diabetes
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The extraction of a parathyroid hormone which will prevent or control parathyroid tetany and which regulates the level of blood calcium.

J. biol. Chem., 63, 395-438, 1925.

Isolation of parathormone, the active principle of the parathyroids.

Collip’s “parathormone”. He showed that it raises the calcium level in para-thyroidectomized dogs.

Subjects: Ductless Glands: Internal Secretion › Thyroid, Parathyroids, ENDOCRINOLOGY › Parathyroids
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A case of tetany treated with parathyrin.

Canad. med. Ass. J., 15, 59-60, 1925.

First use of parathyroid hormone in the treatment of tetany.

Subjects: ENDOCRINOLOGY › Parathyroids , NEUROLOGY › Tetany
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The ovary-stimulating hormone of the placenta.

Canad. med. Ass. J., 22, 215-19, 761-74, 1930.

Collip’s anterior-pituitary-like (A-L-P) factor.

Subjects: Ductless Glands: Internal Secretion › Gonads: Sex Hormones
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The adrenotropic hormone of the anterior pituitary lobe.

Lancet, 2, 347-48, 1933.

Isolation of an impure “adrenotropic hormone” containing adrenocorticotropic principle. With E. M. Anderson and D. L. Thomson.

Subjects: Ductless Glands: Internal Secretion › Pituitary